Who we are

Cobus Esterhuyse & Associates (Pty) Ltd, a newly established firm will open office in De Doorns. Our main business will be to comply in every aspect of all entities and individual accounting and taxation.

If the client choose to we can provide Investment Management Services, handle the client’s financial planning and short term insurance with our business partner Van der Byl Bergh.

Why choose us

Cobus Esterhuyse has more than 10 years experience with the accounting processes of a wide range of entities. This firm is obligated to stay up to date with the legislation and all the changes and opportunities that may affect you or your business.

  • Accurate & On time

  • Cost effective

  • Confidential

Our Experience

Accounting Records Maintenance
Financial Statements
Management Reporting
Taxation Compliance
Specialised Tax Advice
About the founders

Cobus Esterhuyse

Managing Director, Accountant


Cobus is a professional accountant and founder of CE Associates.

Jaap Roux

Associate, Financial Advisor


He is a Certified Financial Planner and a Director of Van der Byl Bergh (Pty) Ltd. in Stellenbosch.